Sunday, April 7, 2013

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Many of us were introduced to Jon Klassen’s illustrations with his debut picture book, I Want My Hat Back (picture book gold, by the way). This was followed with This Is Not My Hat, which I’ve yet to review, but as it was recently awarded the Caldecott Medal, it goes to show that it wasn’t just me that thought it was brilliant. 

So, you can imagine that I was pleased to see that there was yet another picture book illustrated by Jon Klassen in the market. (I know it’s been out a while now, ‘Life’ has been keeping me from writing reviews).
The fact that it’s illustrated by Jon is enough for me to love it already, but it shouldn’t overshadow Mac Barnett’s writing. This is a smart and snappy book that delights in play between words and pictures. 

Annabelle finds a box filled with yarn of every colour. She knits herself a jumper, but finds she has some extra yarn, so she knits a jumper for her dog, Mars.

But there was still some extra yarn.

Always having a bit extra, she knits and knits jumpers for everyone in town. 
Then she starts knitting jumpers for things that don’t need them. She gives and gives and never seems to run out of yarn. 
Then an Archduke hears of her box of yarn and wants to buy it from her, but she won’t sell. So he steals it.
When he gets home, he discovers the box is empty and curses Annabelle. His curse is fruitless, and Annabelle manages to get her yarn box back. 

Someone once described this book to me as having the message that love (and good things) have to come from a place of giving, not of taking. I suppose there are deeper meanings, but it’s also a very sweet story of a girl who likes to knit jumpers for people. 

I love it. And I’m becoming a little obsessed with Jon Klassen. He’s just released one with Lemony Snicket which is an interesting exploration of fear of the dark. 

When I came across THIS website, I feared for my bank account. Keep this in mind for me when Christmas rolls around… :P


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  1. Oh my friend and I LOVE reading those books when they get returned at work, it never gets old. I also love rereading The Knufflebunny, that is also picture book gold.